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Job Title: Assistant Chief Engineer
Category:  Engineering (4447)
Assistant Chief Engineer

Job Summary: The Assistant Chief Engineer requires hands-on maintenance of building systems for the safe, efficient, and proper operation of assigned properties. This role performs repairs and assists in the operation, monitoring, and performance of preventative maintenance and project administration on building systems as necessary. This role will also perform selected management duties as assigned. In the absence of the Chief Engineer will perform all the duties required of the Chief Engineer on a short term basis. 

Conduct a weekly inspection of Emergency Generator and Fire Pump and record results in log. Make recommendations for outside service as appropriate. 

Periodically review and inspect work performed by lower level Engineers.

Description of Responsibilities: 

Electrical Systems:  Possess an understanding of A.C. circuits and safety procedures.  Trouble-shoot and find short circuits or ground in single or three-phase A.C. circuits.  Replace outlets, switches, lighting ballasts, circuit breakers and motor control starters. 

HVAC Systems:  Possess an understanding of the refrigeration cycle. Must have passed the test for a universal CFC license.  Conduct preventative maintenance of air handling units.  Respond to HVAC calls and make repairs or adjustments as needed.  Test and adjust chemical treatment levels in water system.  Perform daily inspections on chillers. Make adjustments as necessary. Record findings in the chiller log.  Replace belts, motors, bearings, actuators, and valves on air handling units and cooling towers.  Adjust pneumatic or direct digital control (DDC) controllers and actuators for proper operation.  Adjust set points, start-up and temperature on building energy management system.  Trouble-shoot power induction units (PIU) or Fan Powered Terminal Units (FPIU) to determine if operating properly.  Trouble-shoot, adjust, and balance pumping system. 

Life Safety Systems:  Possess an understanding of the operation of the property's life safety systems.  Identify and respond to fire alarm and trouble calls. Properly enable and disable points
Position Description 

Assistant Chief Engineer  
 Conduct a weekly inspection of Emergency Generator and Fire Pump and record results in log. Make recommendations for outside service as appropriate. 

Miscellaneous Systems:  Repair and replace door closures, door hardware and door operators.  Adjust and repair security systems.  Possess an understanding of mechanical drawings and wiring diagrams.

Management Responsibilities:  Maximize performance and develop professional abilities of assigned personnel. May directly supervise one or more employees.  Recruit and interview candidates for engineering positions. Make recommendations and assist in hiring decisions.  Counsel subordinates and record disciplinary action.  Administer projects, including drafting proposals, developing scope of work, conducting the bidding process, overseeing contract performance, and closing out the project.  Prepare Engineering budgets for utilities, repairs and maintenance, and capital improvements. Budgeting duties may include estimating utility consumption and costs, and estimating repair and maintenance budget line items.  Monitor variances from the operating budget and report findings to Property Manager or supervisor.  Prepare written reports as required and present them to appropriate Property Management or Engineering officials.  Manage and execute the preventive maintenance program, including automated application programs.  Supervise the work of vendors and contractors.  Assist the Property Manager as required. 

 Miscellaneous Responsibilities:  Must be available for afterhours and weekend assignments/emergency calls. The level of availability will be the same as the Chief Engineer position with 24 hours, 7 days a week readiness. Exceptions such as during PTO times will be requested to the Chief Engineer.  Must coordinate PTO schedule under the direction of the Chief Engineer with the intent of having either the Chief or Assistant Chief present while the other is out.  Must be available for remedial tasks such as painting, cleaning and unclogging toilets or drains.  Assist the Chief Engineer in overseeing preventative and operational maintenance practices in accordance with industry standards and the Cousins Way Manual.  Assume team leadership and project oversight as delegated by or necessary to assist the Chief Engineer.  Perform functions of lower-level Engineers in their absence, as necessitated by circumstances or determined by supervisor.

Assistant Chief Engineer 
 Periodically review and inspect work performed by lower level Engineers. 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  A minimum of eight years' experience in the building maintenance industry.  A high school diploma or GED is required.  To perform this job successfully the incumbent must work well with others and interface positively with customers.  The position requires some specialized training in various types of tools and building equipment.  A certified and accredited trade school degree in HVAC, electronic, or other industry related trade may be credited for up to two of the eight years.  Requires knowledge and expertise in the operation of heavy equipment such as chillers, generators, switchgear, pumps, air handling units etc.  Must be knowledgeable in basic personal computer operation and capable of producing basic spreadsheets, memos and e-mail messages. Typing skills are beneficial to the position.  Equivalent union training and certification is also acceptable.  Should be knowledgeable in the safe and proper use of the following tools: Ladders, lifts, basic hand tools, multimeters, amp probes, anemometers (airflow meter & hood), pressure gauges, drain augers, plungers, safety goggles, ear protection, and fire extinguishers.  The position requires the ability to read and write English in order to complete work orders and reports.  This is an entry-level management position. Candidates must have a history of taking leadership roles when assigned team projects, helping and teaching others, and accepting responsibility for actions and results.  Responsiveness – Need to perform responsibilities with an acute sense of urgency to meet the needs of others; respond to solve problems; willing to accept a variety of tasks associated with this position.  Integrity - Demonstrate sound business ethics; consistently comply with organizational values; protect confidential information.  Customer Service – Demonstrate optimum customer service delivery while performing all job functions  Communication - Able to clearly express ideas; present verbal information in a straightforward manner; ask questions in order to open channels of communication; listen to understand perspective of others
Location  Atlanta , GA
Minimum Experience (yrs):  8+
Required Education:  Not Specified

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